Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Woman's Words

I've never been particularly fond of her.

At best, she came across as a harridan. At worst, she paled under the shadow of her more (in)famous hubby first; and then in comparison to his wide-mouthed, more attractive intern.

Then she decided to come into her own and ended up giving Mr Obama a run for his online-acquired money. She lost her party's nomination narrowly but, instead of retreating and licking her wounds, came right back fighting again. Only, this time, the target was someone else and she was on Obama's side.

Grudgingly, I began to change my opinion of the would-be first woman president of the US of A.

Yesterday (or was it the day before in another time zone) she wowed America with what must be a speechwriter's potential prize-winner. Read it or watch it (in three parts unfortunately). And soak in every word that's winning hearts and votes.

Either way, Hillary Clinton's moved up in my esteem. And in many others' I guess.

If only she'd become Obama's running mate... would've been interesting to see the shadow-play then.

Does Mr McCain have anything to say, I wonder?


Two With Nature said...

i don't believe she made this speech out of some outdated altruistic emotion. she is a shrewd politician. which is not necessarily a bad thing. this is certainly not the end of the road for her, and she knows it. the race is long...more power to her...

Jack said...

True, my dear. America never did anything altruistic anyway and nor did she. But is it more like the last blaze of a dying star? A final flash of glory - or an attempt at one - before oblivion takes over? Will she be back? Perhaps. But she's left her mark...