Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Me, Myself and i

For all those obsessed with a misplaced sense of self-importance, check out Caroline Winter in NYT...

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N said...

Here's a little YOU something. I call it,

Packing to leave

There you are,
Packing your shadow,
In a little bundle of odds n ends
Relationships closed in a sterile file
That does not show the tears.
Or the mends.
Ready to walk away, and leave an emptiness.
Nothing left of the journey,
No stories strewn about.
Nothing save the milestones
That you assiduously planted
On your way in and out.
Through the glass door, as you pack, you see,
Those whose hands you held
As they took tentative steps first
And then strode purposefully,
All doubts felled,
Toward a world you showed them.
They look in bewildered now because
They can’t see that destination.
So much consternation.
They think it is because your finger
Does not point to it anymore.
Tomorrow they’ll know you
Packed their world
And took it away.