Monday, June 09, 2008

Harvard Potter

Confessional as it may sound, I've not read a single word churned out by Ms Rowling.

Harry Potter movies I've watched. Glasses I've bought (and worn). His magic has fascinated me and, contradictory as it may seem, I've stayed away from the books only so that I don't become part of the herd that devours every title as soon as it's published.

Then, I find this in, of all places, Harvard.

And the spell is cast... the books must be read, I suppose. even if they're not, this itself is worth every word. Even when it's read over and over again.

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Subho Ray said...

just to put a desi twist, if u are interested in harry potter u may try reading Thakurmar Jhuli - an amazing world of fantasy.... I wish Dakshina Ranjan Mitra majumdar whose name is more exotic than J K Rowling had the same marketing support:)
By the way Sukanta Chaudhuri has translated Abol Tabol and I am told it is reasonably good translation.