Friday, August 17, 2007

Leading India

Earlier this year, I'd written that The Times of India said India was poised.

Now it exhorts the Indian who's ready to spring that he must Lead India.

In a campaign led by Shah Rukh Khan, who is otherwise someone I have never had much time for (except when I trounced him in a quiz on national television decades ages ago - but that's another post...) The Times of India seems to have caught the pulse of young, disillusioned Indians yet again. SMS-es, website registrations, snail mail, phone calls... every medium has sprung into action as people nominate future leaders of India.

And this morning, on my way to work in Gurgaon, having dropped off six children (not all mine!) to school, we were caught in a traffic jam approaching MG Road in Delhi. The cause: at first, a Maruti 800 parked bang in the right lane, indicator on, driver's window down but - lo and behold - no driver!

"Typical..." I cursed.

And then promptly swallowed my words.

The missing driver was 'on duty'... the signal had failed because of a power cut (yes, it happens) and he had jumped off to voluntarily steer traffic. He even had a whistle which he blew to draw attention to himself and then got on to his phone to call someone (a cop? a friend? boss?) and asked for help to be rushed here. Was he a cop off duty? Perhaps, because he even took down the number of a car that jumped his 'signal'.

Here he is, the unknown Indian who is already leading this land.

With heroes like these, who needs politicians?


Two With Nature said...

nice gooey feeling early in the morning!

i'd once give a cab guy 50 bucks on a 13 rupee fare because as he stopped for me near a signal - a traffic cop caught him and he had to pay a fine (my fault).

yesterday, while struggling with a gym bag and large office bag ducking fat rain drops, a cab took a U-turn and took me in. he turned out to be the same chap I'd given money some 7/8 months ago. he saw me and remembered and came around to help.

nice gooey feeling again!

Jack said...

And they say taxi drivers are not to be trusted... it's people like these who will finally heal India!