Tuesday, January 02, 2007

India Fogged?

On Monday morning, The Times of India says India Poised

I say, it’s India Fogged.

Delhi is covered by a thick blanket of fog that crept in on New Year’s eve. And Delhi-ites are covered under blankets with their foggy minds hung-over from innumerable glasses nursed all night long.

The India Poised campaign says there are two Indias; I say, there are three.

Apart from the ones straining at the leash and being the leash, there’s another India that doesn’t even know what is going on. So fogged out they are.

There's the Mukesh Ambani India, the Anil Ambani India and the poor Rest of India who will finally be swallowed by one of the Brothers A.

There are beached-whale like airplanes sitting on tarmacs, poised to take off but unable to because runways are fogged.

There are parents discovering lost children in skeletal instalments in a Noida house where they’ve been butchered.

There are openers in the Indian cricket team who can’t score any runs against the South Africans.

Malls in Gurgaon are poised to earn rentals from shopowners whose establishments were sealed in Delhi. And rumour has it that the local Congress government is poised to lose the elections because they’ve earned the wrath of these traders – as well as hefty commissions from mall-owners.

DTH operators are poised to replace cable-operators (an industry is being buried even as I blog this) and their snake-like cables crisscrossing lampposts.

The Metro is poised to cut through MG Road in Delhi – where will the trees go, I ask no one in particular?

And Shah Rukh Khan is poised too… to imitate Amitabh yet again as a quizmaster. Perhaps he’ll do a Hindustan Poised campaign for Hindustan Times now as well.

So we are poised all right. The question is, for how long can we remain poised and not quite take off?

The fog is finally lifting and the sun is making its way through the clouds. India too shall rise – if you don’t believe me, listen to AB again (and let’s see Shah Rukh imitating that baritone – ha!)



Two With Nature said...

I like it. Someone needs to take off these ostensibly rose tinted glasses that Indian media likes to wear (is it because it's directly related to advertising revenues?). An uncanny resemblance to the Emperor and his non-existent clothes.

You know - the worst part is - the fourth estate that could be poised to make even an incremental amount difference - refuses to do so - instead is satiated with just discovering, unearthing and promoting scandalous events and the high points of the sensex.

Anonymous said...

Why on earth aren't you a columnist as yet? It's such a pity some of the nicest stuff I read nowadays are all on blogs while the newspapers are full of...never mind - you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

It's good to see some of this writing up for public view, Jack! You've been hiding your light for far too long!