Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What, me Majboor?!

Came across this in an anthology of poems by someone called 'Majboor':
मैं चलता रहा मोहब्बातों के रास्ते,
मैं जलता रहा मोहब्बातों के वास्ते.

And was reminded of something I'd scribbled somewhere some months ago:
मैं बुझाता रहा हर किसी की आग,
और ख़ुद बन गया राख.

Now, I'm not majboor, nor do I want to be. But there is something similar here...or am I imagining it?

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

No - you aren't imagining it at all. Doosron ki aag bujhate rahna, apni aag nahin pahechanna till it is too late - isi tarah to hum mohabatton ke vaste jalte rahte hain. aakhir milta kya hai? ek rakh ka dher - khud bhi rakh ho jate hain, aur pyaar bhi rakh ho jata hai. is raakh mein sooni aankhen kya dhundhti rahti hain, koi nahin janta. if you are no longer majboor, then celebrate, for it is progress.