Monday, July 23, 2007

Shilpa for President!

So Ms Patil is India’s first woman president. And some newspapers are already touching her feet.

Does this mean that Rashtrapati Bhavan will now be known as Rashtrapatni Bhavan?

But if Ms Patil is to be the nation’s wife, wouldn’t Ms Shetty have been a better choice? I mean, she has a doctorate from Leed’s University, a figure that would make for great photographs – even if she were to stand next to Ms Clinton at the White House – and a perfume to her name. S2 is what that little bottle is called and its creator, a certain Mark Earnshaw says it has “jasmine and musk but also have a fruity scent to it as well, to pay homage to her Indian heritage and appeal to the European market. Packaging for the fragrance is unique - the box iis (sic) quite classic and modern on the outside, but inside it is of leopard print, because, says Earnshaw, there are two sides to Shilpa…cool on the outside but she also has a different and deeper side.”

What does Ms Patil have? Why should I even attend her swearing-in ceremony if she won’t even smell of S2?

And God help us if she decides to launch P2! What would that smell of I wonder?

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