Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Harry'd I am!

Ms Rowling's laughing again... all the way to the bank.

People I know are practising spot-jogging to prepare for the long queues on Saturday morning outside bookstores (one is even throwing in a breakfast offer) so that they can beat their ilk at grabbing her latest book. The last? No way!... watch this space.

These folks are also going to switch off their mobile phones and stay home to read every word of the book so that they can figure out what happens to Master Potter.

I'm wondering if I should go and watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - tickets should be easy to get because the mania will have moved from the multiplex to the stores.

And I'm also wondering if I should finally pick up one of Ms Rowling's books and start reading them.

Should I give in to temptation?

But should I start with this, the latest? Or go get the first one?

Will I look sheepish trying to buy the first title when everyone's hankering for the last one?

Decisions...decisions! Life is never simple, is it?


Two With Nature said...

it is easy.

buy harry potter series 1 to 6.

shut yourself in a room till saturday morning.

saturday morning - get up at 6, buy deathly hallows at 6.30.

if you've not finished reading the first 6 issues, put deathly hallows aside. traverse the journey of the 6 books, and then open the 7th book and relish it completely.

make sure all this while, you take time off from friends, family, work and all means of communication.

it is worth it. trust me.


SP said...

Haven't read a single one either. Nor seen any of the movies
Missed the first - and have a vague thing about wanting to read them in sequence. No time and now No Hurry for Harry :)