Thursday, December 28, 2006

Love Cabs

Bombay is a city with tiny homes, tiny taxis and a huge appetite for love.

Couples who don’t find privacy at home will happily crawl into the compact black & yellow Premier Padminis and snuggle up in the back seat. They couldn’t care less if anyone saw them kissing and fondling each other as long as it’s not a nosy neighbour or aunt.

And other Bombay-ites will not even ogle – unlike their cousins in Delhi who would hoot and whistle! Perhaps even shoot videos on the fly and MMS them… dumbkoffs!

But it still makes me uncomfortable to see this... until a friend very insightfully pointed out: “Isn’t it better that other people – especially children – see love being shared, kisses exchanged rather than violent arguments and blows?”

Perhaps displaying affection in Bombay’s backseats is better than witnessing heated arguments on Delhi’s streets.

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