Thursday, May 01, 2008


Women get harassed at work by men who have nothing better to do.

They say they don't rise to the top unless they agree to being on top.

They get the short end of the stick because they have a long list of things to do at home, children to bring up, husbands to cook for, mums-in-law to please.

They come into my room and cry because they are arbitrarily reassigned.

I listen to them because God gave me two ears and one mouth. I talk to them after they're done and get things done to make sure they feel better. I don't always succeed in making them take back their resignations but they do go away smiling and mail me "You’re gifted with the skill of bringing smiles on people’s faces. Here’s to (sic) hoping we get to work together again."

I lead a dog's life and have crow's feet around my surgically-repaired eyes; feet that some say don't show up as often as they used to but, when you make others happy, you will end up being less happy yourself. Q.E.D. The bath sponge can never be dry, by definition of its very existence, can it? Unfortunately, though, I can't do this for everyone every time.

At the risk of distressing these damsels who I may have helped de-stress all in a day's work, I am reminded of Professor Higgins...

But I thank my stars for Hum Tum:

Some months ago, I threw out an inebriated colleague whose paws felt up two women at an office party. Unfortunately, I couldn't throw him out of the office for reasons that are best left unblogged.

Someday... men will learn their lesson and women will be happier. The right way.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jack

Thanks yet again. And are those eyes really surgically treated? For what?

Jack said...

Dear Mr/Ms have a name surely?

Yes, the eyes were repaired just before Diwali last year... multiple pin-holes in both retinas that had to be sealed via laser surgery. Supposedly painless but, in reality, very painful.

I survived... so did my sight. For now, at least. :-}