Monday, January 14, 2008

Happiness is...

I've been told - nay, ordered almost - to do at least one thing every day that makes ME happy all through 2008.

So, here goes...

Sunday was spent at the Auto Expo in Delhi, Dilli Haat and the country's longest shopping mall. Now, I hate crowds but ended up happy nonetheless.

The Auto Expo was a quick zip-in and zip-out visit to see a website's stall, the famous Nano, some vintage beauties, Audi and Mercedes. Fortunately, one managed to escape before Delhi's auto-drivers hit Pragati Maidan to check out Ratan Tata's replacement to Mr Bajaj's stuttering three-wheeler.

Dilli Haat was a disaster. Kashmiri food that wasn't very palatable and stuff on sale that couldn't be bought because they were overpriced and had a boring sameness to them. The only bit of excitement came when a gust of wind took an eight-feet signboard off its perch and it missed my head by a foot or so. The children, just behind me, gasped; one even exclaimed "Oh shit!" and then wondered if Daddy had heard it... you bet.

Having gained a second life (for the umpteenth time in this life) we then proceeded to Ambience Mall on the Delhi-Gurgaon Highway. Much to my dread, if I may add but I'd decided that happiness would happen today.

The mall was an eye-opener. I'd avoided it for months but the stores were truly world-class until one discovered Reliance Trends (Mukesh-bhai's response to Kishore-bhai's Panataloon just across the foyer). Good clothes at very affordable prices... so time was spent stocking up kids' wear for an imminent Sindhi-Thai wedding.

Shopping anywhere is tiring. But billing at Reliance Trends can drive you to tears. Not just because you have to queue up but because their billing system can't calculate percentage discounts. They either overcharge you or undercharge. And if you don't check every item and its final price meticulously, you could win or lose money depending on what your horoscope has in store that day (and this wonderful mall has several palmists hanging around to tell you your future). Be careful when you shop at Reliance... evidently you can't rely on them.

So shouldn't I have been irritated and angry?

Naah... I was happy because I'd lived that Sunday through the eyes of children, had candy-floss and enjoyed Delhi's rare winter sun all day.

Would I have been happier had that signboard fallen on me?

Figure it out, friend.


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