Thursday, October 04, 2007

Dry Day

October 2nd, Mumbai.

A dry day. Mahatma Gandhi's birth anniversary. All liquor shops closed (Indiawide). No alcohol being served in any restaurant, pub or hotel (regardless of the number of stars it boasts).

Correction: no alcohol being served to Indians in any of these places. But foreigners are welcome - as always in this land of double-truth.

So, to drink a beer on this venerated day, you need a non-Indian passport or a non-Indian friend.

This happened at Taj Land's End, Bandra.

Cut to Goa Portugesa, Mahim.

Could the fenny-loving Goans be kept away from the tipple even if it's Gandhiji's anniversary?

Try ordering some spicy non-veg coastal cuisine (this, for some inexplicable reason, is not banned on October 2nd). Ask the waiter quietly for a drink.

No passports required... you'll get anything you want masquerading as a mocktail (except beer which can't be camouflaged) and will be billed for soft drinks. You can't clink glasses and say "Cheers" though.

Could it be so because India still scores low on the alcohol consumption chart of the world?

Or is it because we're still experimenting with the truth?


Subho Ray said...

In case you happen to be in Mumbai on the day of Holi, please note that the booze shops open by 730 a.m.

21speed said...

great reading. hope i had half yr staying power.