Saturday, March 17, 2007


A frequent traveller to another at the airport one morning: "My wife in Bangalore is convinced I have a girlfriend in Hyderabad. And my girlfriend in Hyderabad is sure I have a wife in Bangalore! Doomed I am…”

Remember My Fair Lady? “Get a woman in your life and you’ve got eternal strife!”

Also uttered by the same gent (in his mid-50s I gauge) to his companion, caught between his diva and the spouse: “Why did Amitabh have to do Nishabdh? It’s the first film of his that I hate. How can he play the role of a 60-year old in love with an 18-year old? Chhi-chhi!”

So it’s hip for Mr Doomed to balance two lives in two cities but not for AB to put on yet another mask and stage another performance?

Leaves me nishabdh, I say.

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